Grove Park Drainage Improvement Project

In 2021 South Orange Village Engineer and Department of Public Works initiated drainage improvements in Grove Park to mitigate ongoing puddling after rainfalls. 

Initial findings showed that an existing series of perforated pipes, designed to collect water outside of the existing catch basins, had settled lower into the ground decreasing the drainage flow into the main storm water system. 

Remediation efforts were made to increase proper flow and ensure more surface water will be directed to the main storm water system including: 

  • Spring 2021 
    1. Throughout the spring wet season the Department of Public Works cleaned and jetted each of those lines. 
  • Summer 2021
    1. The Department of Public Works removed the entire perforated pipe system, elevated it, and expanded it by an additional 225 feet. 
    2. Over 100 cubic yards of new soil was added to raise the pipes and level the bowl (where the wet soggy conditions settled in). 
    3. New grass has been planted to ensure new growth in the spring. 

Ongoing Monitoring 

We believe these remediation efforts made through Summer 2021 will greatly improve the park conditions, but we are continuing to monitor the conditions. Residents may continue to notice different color flags identifying any areas of concern as we address ongoing wet areas should they materialize. 

Please address questions and concerns to