Capital Projects and Redevelopment 

Below is a list of current capital projects, redevelopment and development projects in South Orange. Click on the project titles below to view a detailed summary of each project.

Capital Projects

Baird Community Center
Construction updates for the Baird Community Center. 

South Orange Public Library
The South Orange Public Library plans to create a 21st-century library including restoration of the historic Connett building, renovating the existing Library building and linking the two buildings. 

Grove Park Drainage Improvement Project
Drainage improvements in Grove Park to mitigate ongoing drainage issues.

River Greenway Project 

South Orange Village - Roads Repaving
Current year milling and re-surfacing of designated roadways. 

Redevelopment Projects

101 West South Orange Avenue

Developer: Landmark Tavern
Common Name: Village Hall Tavern & Beer Garden Redevelopment 
Use: Adaptive reuse - restaurant & event space
3 Stories

Valley Street & Lackawanna Place 

Developer: South Orange Storage, LLC
Common Name: South Orange Storage Platform Redevelopment
Use: Commercial
4 Stories

270 & 299 Irvington Avenue 

Developer: 270-299 Irvington, LLC
Common Name: 270 Irvington Avenue Redevelopment | The Peaks at South Orange Village
Use: Mixed
4 Stories, 60 Units

52-62 Vose Avenue & Taylor Place

Developer: Hub Realty
Common Name: Vose + Taylor Redevelopment
Use: Mixed
5 Stories, 110 Units

Fourth Street & Valley Valley Street

Developer: Merida 
Common Name: Fourth & Valley
Use: Mixed
5 Floors, 106 Units

8 Second Street & Sloan Street

Developer: Markbuilt
Common Name: Second & Sloan Redevelopment
Use: Mixed
5 Floors, 40 Units

Completed Projects

Irvington Avenue Streetscape Project
This project is being managed by Essex County as part of a grant that was submitted to the County in 2005.

Archive of completed projects: Link to the Page