Valley & Lackawanna Storage Platform

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Project Summary: Proposed Storage Facility

The project is a proposed 4-story self-storage facility for Valley Street and Lackawanna Place designed to: 

  • Enhance the historic commercial and residential neighborhood fabric by requiring the development to connect to Founders Park.
  • Connect the built environment to open space.
  • Enhance the Valley Street corridor with wider sidewalks and streetscape improvements.
  • Improve the quality of ground cover and remediate contamination from the prior industrial uses and existing automobile service uses.

The Redevelopment Area is located along the western side of Valley Street and between Founders Park and Lackawanna Place. Situated along a primary commercial thoroughfare just south of the Village’s downtown core, the Redevelopment Area occupies a convenient and visible location.

  • By the Numbers – TBA 
  • Community Benefits
    • Enhanced Public Space - Improve the visual character and the physical safety of the Valley Street corridor through landscaping, architectural, and streetscape design elements: 
  1. Coordinate design for streetscape elements that utilize similar plantings, visual cues, and sidewalks to create a uniform and attractive public realm. 
  2. Provide dedicated ground floor community space connected to Founder’s Park to serve residents and visitors alike. 
  3. Activate and enhance Founder’s Park with movie screen on park-side facade. Enhance the utility of Founder’s Park through new utility connections for water and electricity. 
  4. Expand public access to Founder’s Park with additional bicycle parking facilities.
  5. Provide a meeting room for public use and access. 
  6. Replace adjacent sewer line. 
  • Low-impact use to property – generating little to no traffic and no burden on the school system.

Current Phase: 

  • Fall 2021 - Site Plan in process for submittal to Planning Board 
  • July 2021 Developer Agreement approved 
  • April 2021 Redevelopment Plan approved 
  • September 30, 2021 Planning Board Hearing
  • October 18, 2021, Planning Board 2nd of 2; conditional approval received  

Estimated Project Completion: December 2023

Developer: Storage Platforms, LLC

Special Conditions: TBA

Planning Board Submission Documents