South Orange Village - Roads Repaving

2021 Road Improvements

  • Grove Road (South Orange Avenue to Montrose Avenue) - Completed

2022 Road Improvements

  • 2022 Milling and Paving
  1. Harding Drive (S. Orange Ave. to end) - Completed                             
  2. Stone Hill Road (S. Orange Ave. to end) - Completed                          
  3. Connett Place (Scotland Rd. to end) - Completed                                
  • Tropical Storm Ida Repairs
  1. Redmond Road (N. Wyoming Ave. to tennis club) - Ongoing
  2. Sherman Place (Academy St. to Prospect St.) - Completed
  3. Mayhew Court (Redmond Rd. to Harding Dr.) - Ongoing
  4. Hart Drive (N. & S.) and Harmon Road - Completed
  5. Longview Road (#588 to Harding Dr.) and Laurel Place (Longview Rd. to Harding Dr.) - Ongoing

2023 Road Improvements

  • West End Road (S. Orange Ave. to S. Ridgewood Rd.) - In design
  • West Montrose Avenue (N. Ridgewood Rd. to Scotland Rd.) - In design
  • Kingman Road (Hamilton Rd. to gate) - Budgeting
  • 2023 Milling and Paving -List prep

Upcoming Road Improvements

  • Vose Avenue (S. Orange Ave. to Raymond Ave.) - Grant Awarded
  • Lenox Avenue (S. Orange Ave. to Walton Ave.) - Grant Awarded


This page last updated 01/27/2023.

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