Scotland Road

Project Summary

Scotland Road from the border with Orange to South Orange Avenue will under go a complete renovation starting in 2019. This comprehensive renovation will replace the water main along the entire road, add additional street lighting, new paving, ADA upgrades, and several traffic safety improvements.


Water Mains replaced

  • Replacement of the water main and street side service from border to SO Ave.

Lighting Improvements

  • Addition of 39 new street lights (Gas Lamp lookalike). 
  • Intersection Cobra Lighting will be maintained.

Road Upgrades (Traffic Safety Improvements)

  • Repaving of the road from curb to curb
  • Grooved pavement on center lines and curve shoulders
  • Lanes re-centered, shoulder striping, and Crosswalk Striping
  • ADA accessible intersections, ramps, and crosswalks
  • Speed Control Device -raised intersection (at Raymond Ave) 

Trees and Finishing

  • Planting of up to 50 street trees where possible.

Schedule & Updates

Subject to change, last revision 2/27/19

Field Investigation7/26/18 – 2/8/19
Planning and Design11/5/18 – 5/15/19
NJEIT Funding2/15/19 – 8/23/19
Bid Phase6/12/19 – 7/26/19
Construction (Water & Lighting)8/9/19 – 3/10/20
County Paving & Traffic CalmingSpring/Summer 2020
Street Tree PlantingsFall 2020

Project Manager / Contact 

Salvatore Renda, Village Engineer
Engineering and Zoning Office
(973) 378-7715 Ext. 3990

Project Details

The Township of South Orange Village (Township) is sponsoring the Scotland Road Water Main

Replacement and Decorative Lighting Project (Project) located along Scotland Road. The project includes the replacement of a deteriorated/aged cast iron water distribution main buried underneath the existing paved road with other utilities within the road right-of-way. 

The water main replacement encompasses approximately 4,400 linear feet beginning at the northerly end at the intersection of Randolph and Scotland Road traversing south to the intersection of Scotland and South Orange Avenue.  This replacement project includes approximately 0.8 miles of new 12” ductile water main, including side street reconnections and all related appurtenances including isolation valves, fire hydrants, and service connections from the main to the curb box.

The Project also includes the addition of 39 new decorative “gas lamp” lookalike LED streetlights and removal of 17 existing “cobra head” lights standardizing to lighting within the Township.  The scope of the decorative lighting portion of this Project only includes installation of the lighting foundations and conduit. 

Trees located between the curb line and sidewalk that conflict with the new locations for lamp foundations or the photometric of the lighting may require removal. 

A preliminary asset management plan for the Township’s water distribution system has been completed, which includes identification, inventory, mapping, and condition assessments.  The components were organized in an asset inventory table.  The system consists of water mains, valves, fire hydrants, and water service connections. These water mains range from 4-inch to-10 inch diameter. The oldest piping dates back to the late 1800’s. 

To maintain adequate water supply, the Township is embarking on a system wide reinvestment program, based in part upon prior Condition Assessment Study and Initial Asset Management Program recommendations.

The Scotland Road Water Main replacement project will specifically replace the existing 8-inch cast iron water distribution main in Scotland Road, an essential component of the system, located between South Orange Avenue and Randolph Place.  According to mapping records, this main was installed at some point prior to 1892.  This pipe is now over 125 years in age and based on age, service history, and environmental conditions, it has reached the end of its expected useful life.  The pipe has deteriorated to a point where replacement service is needed.

The Scotland Road Water Main replacement project was evaluated and prioritized over other system improvements due to location, remaining life and value, and Level of Service (LOS) goals.  Consequences of failure would include major disruption to the system’s water supply abilities.

Scotland Road is a county road with a pending planned repaving project which is being coordinated with the Water Main replacement project that includes wanted road safety features of center line and at curves sideline grooves plus a speed table at a major intersection.

The proposed Project includes the replacement of approximately 4,400 LF of existing 8-inch diameter water distribution main with a 12-inch ductile iron distribution main.  All work will take place within paved area that has been previously disrupted using standard open-cut trench methods.  Additional lighting and replacement of existing lighting features would extend on approximately 3,700 LF between the streets of Comstock Place and Randolph Place. The proposed Project will improve system reliability and establish redundancy in water delivery to the Township.

Scotland Road Time Line

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