270 & 299 Irvington Avenue Development

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The Township of South Orange Village hosted two (3) community meetings to gather feedback regarding the proposed redevelopment of 270 & 299 Irvington Avenue.  These meetings were done in advance of the process to ensure we understood the community's needs.  For details on the project, please review the information below. 

Next Steps

process for Introduction

For more information regarding the meetings, please click on the links below.

September 9, 2020 Meeting 
June 17, 2020 Meeting
Meeting held virtually via WebEx and Facebook Live
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Draft Redevelopment Plan (as of 09/04/2020)

For feedback, please click on https://bit.ly/270Feedback                                  

Meeting held virtually via WebEx and Facebook Live

Presentation (Based on submitted questions)    

For feedback, please click on https://bit.ly/270Feedback

February 5, 2020 Meeting
Meeting held at Congregation Beth El

Presentation # 1:
Greer Patras, AICP/PP, Director of Land Use, Topology

Presentation # 2:
Earl Jackson, AIA, Earl Jackson Architecture Workshop
Preliminary Concept Design *(80MB file, be patient while it loads in your browser)
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Example of Completed Development Projects Between the Developer and Vantage.

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