Department of Health and Animal Control

The South Orange Department of Health's mission is to prevent disease and promote physical and mental well being through policy development, disease detection, prevention, education, and enforcement; that ensures the highest quality of life for the residents we serve. 

The Health Officer provides the leadership and support which enables the staff to accomplish their job responsibilities. The Health Officer reports to the Board of Health as the Chief Executive Officer. Through his oversight the Health Department is in compliance with Federal and State laws and local ordinances concerning Public Health. 

The Health Department is governed by the Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey, N.J.A.C. 8:52 and the "Ten Essential Services of Public Health". The “Ten Essential Services of Public Health are covered by the four Core Functions below:

 Core Function 1 – Assessment:

  • Monitor health status and understand health issues facing the community.
  • Diagnose and investigate.

 Core Function 2 - Policy Development:

  • Inform and educate to make healthy choices.
  • Engage the community to identify and solve health problems.
  • Develop public health policies and plans.

 Core Function 3 – Assurance:

  • Enforce public health law and regulations.
  • Link people to needed health services.
  • Maintain a competent public health workforce.
  • Evaluate and improve programs.

 Core Function 4 - System Management:

  • Conduct research

The Health Department is a Public Health Service Agency that offers a full range of health services in compliance with the Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey including: 

1. Animal Control
2. Public Health Nursing



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