Animal Control

Animal Control Services
Animal control services are now provided by Animal Control Solutions (ACS). P
lease call South Orange Police dispatch at (973) 763-3000 and they will arrange for service. 

Animal Control responsibilities include:

  • Animal bite, quarantine and impoundment services
  • Humane Law Enforcement Officer services to prevent animal cruelty
  • Rabies control
  • Transporting sick or injured animals and rabies specimens
  • Humane destruction and proper disposal of animals in accordance with applicable laws
  • Addressing wild animals that pose an imminent threat to public health

Nuisance Wildlife
Under state law, Animal Control is NOT responsible for squirrels, skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, or other healthy animals outdoors considered to be "Nuisance Wildlife."

For additional information on Nuisance Wildlife, including contact information for pest control and extermination companies, see the Nuisance Wildlife page.

Dead Animals
ACS handles the removal of small dead animals from municipal roadways and municipal property. To report a dead animal on municipal property email

For removal from residential property ACS offers a discounted rate to South Orange residents through ACS Pest Control service. For removal, call (908) 722-1271 for assistance.

Animal Control is NOT responsible for dead deer on residents' property.
  • Deer must be moved to the street for municipal pick up.
  • Call (973) 378-7715 x7700 for removal from the street.
  • For removal from private property residents must schedule a private pick up.

Feeding a Stray? Neuter or Spay!
Left unaltered, free-roaming cats continue to reproduce creating more homeless kittens. Once spayed/neutered and eartipped, these community cats can remain where they are and live out their lives as healthy cats without adding to the homeless cat population. 

The Associated Humane Societies Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program provides free spaying or neutering of community/feral cats from Essex County by appointment

Contact Pam Parisio at or (973) 824-7080 x118 to get paperwork and make an appointment.

  • The cat must be in a covered numbered trap (not a carrier.)
  • The cat must be trapped in Essex County and returned to the location of trapping.
  • The trapper must be experienced in trapping and have a recovery spot arranged for after the procedure.
  • All forms must be completed prior to or at time of drop off.

If there is a specific complaint regarding stray cats ACS will investigate, and will work with the Health Department in situations involving cat colonies.

Animal Surrender
To surrender an animal residents must make their own arrangements with a private shelter. A partial list of Essex County shelters includes:

Tips on how to be a Good Pet Owner and Neighbor  

  • Make sure your dog cannot leave your property.
  • Use a leash under 6 feet and have your dog under control when not on your property.
  • Limit barking times to less than 15 minutes during the day and not at all at night.
  • Always pick up after your pet.
  • Do not allow your dog or cat on the neighbor's property. 
  • Have your pets vaccinated against rabies.

Find information and applications for pet licenses here.