Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer works in conjunction with the Health Department.  If you wish to contact the Animal Control Officer, call 973-378-7715, ext. 7711.

Animal Control is responsible for animal related functions, including:

  • Issuing annual dog and cat licenses
  • Enforcing the rabies vaccination criteria set by the state
  • Enforcing state and local codes
  • Investigating cruelty to animals, dangerous/vicious animals and animal bites
  • Conducting a 10-day quarantine after an animal bites a person
  • Inspecting and licensing pet shops and kennels
  • Providing rabies and animal education programs and advice
  • Performing dead animal removal from publicly owned properties 
  • Quarantining, capturing, and submitting specimens to the State Department of Health
  • Assisting residents in the removal of potentially rabies carrying wildlife (raccoon, skunk, and bat) in the living space of a home
  • Issuing warnings/summonses to animal owners found in violation of animal regulations
  • Offering free annual rabies clinic

Animal Control is NOT responsible for Nuisance Wildlife 

  • Under state law, Animal Control is NOT responsible for Nuisance Wildlife
  • For additional information on Nuisance Wildlife, including contact information for pest control and extermination companies, see the Nuisance Wildlife page.

Emergencies: What constitutes an emergency?

  • Potentially rabies carrying animals such as: raccoon, skunk, and bats in the living space of a home.
  • Domestic animals (dogs/cats) that are in imminent danger
For after-hours emergencies, call the Police Department at (973) 763-3000, option 0. The police dispatch desk will contact the animal control officer.

Be a Good Pet Owner Neighbor 
  • Make sure your dog cannot leave your property.
  • Use a leash under 6 feet and have your dog under control when not on your property.
  • Limit barking times to less than 15 minutes during the day and not at all at night.
  • Always pick up after your pet.
  • Do not allow your dog or cat on the neighbor's property. 
  • Have your pets vaccinated against rabies.
Our Staff
  • Melanie V. Troncone
    Certified Animal Control Officer
    Dog & Cat Licenses, Animal Quarantines, Inspections, Issuing Warnings & Summonses, and Dead Animal Removal, etc.
    973-378-7715 ext. 7711