Planning Board

An official Planning Board was created by ordinance in 1960. In September 1976, the Township of South Orange Village adopted, by ordinance, the rules and regulations set forth in the Municipal Land Use Law. The Planning Board consists of nine members and two alternates. The members are designated by classes: Class I is the Village President whose term shall correspond with his official tenure; Class II is a Village official; Class III is a Village Trustee; Class IV members are residents of the Village and are appointed for four years. At least every six years, the Planning Board reexamines the Village's Master Plan and prepares a report on the findings of such reexamination. The Master Plan and the Zoning Ordinances regulate the development of the Village. 

The Planning Board is authorized to exercise power with regard to:

  • Drafting and adopting the Master Plan for the Township; 
  • Reviewing subdivision and site plan applications for permitted uses; 
  • Reviewing conditional use applications;                                                                             
  • Drafting recommendations as to the zoning ordinance or amendments; 
  • Redevelopment Plan; 
  • "C” Variances under certain circumstances in connection with site plans and subdivisions; 

Board Members:

  • Harold Colton-Max, Chairman
  • Michael Miller, Vice Chairman
  • Sheena Collum, Village President
  • Jon Busch-Vogel, Village President Designee
  • Bill Haskins, Village Trustee
  • Julie Doran, Village Administrator
  • Cecil House
  • Lillian Harris
  • David Kraiker
  • Carolyn Morin


  • Richard Spears
  • Vacant

Board Professionals:

  • William Sullivan, Board Attorney
  • Greer Patras, Board Planner/Zoning Officer
  • Bowman Consulting Group, Board Engineer Consultant
  • Ojetti Davis, Board Secretary


Generally held on the 1st Monday of the month at the South Orange Performing Arts Center in the Main Stage Room at 7:30 P.M. All meetings are open to the public in accordance with the requirements of the “Open Public Meetings Act” (Sunshine Law).

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