Firearms ID Card/Permit to Purchase a Handgun

The application process for Firearms Identification Card and Permit to Purchase a Handgun has been automated and placed online in order to streamline the process and keep applicants informed of the status of their application. 

Please read instructions FIRST and have all of your information ready before you begin, as you will have 20 minutes to complete the application before it “times out” and you have to begin again. 

Step 1: Visit the following website; to begin your application (click the online S.T.S. 033 Form button). 

Step 2: When you log on, you must enter the South Orange Police Department’s ORI #: NJ0071900 (Once entered, please check to ensure it states “SOUTH ORANGE PD”)

Step 3: Complete the online application. You may complete the application using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. 

  • If you have NEVER been fingerprinted for firearms purposes and you NEVER had a NJ Firearms ID Card, you are an INITIAL Applicant and check the top box on the application. If you are 21 or older and also would like permits to purchase a handgun, also check that box & enter the number of permits you are requesting. You will need to go for fingerprinting with the Universal Fingerprint Form that will be generated after successful submission of the application. There is a fee for fingerprinting that is paid to the vendor at the time of fingerprinting.
  • If you HAVE been fingerprinted before for firearm purposes and HAVE a NJ Firearms ID Card, and require a new/updated ID Card, check the appropriate box and/or if you are requesting permits, check that box and the number of permits you are requesting. Upon successful submission of this application and credit card payment, you will have completed the application and 212A requirements.

Below are some tips and additional information that you will need:

  • Name and Address – ALL information on your application needs to MATCH your driver’s license. If you are a Jr., etc. and it is on your D/L, it needs to be on your application. Check that the City on your application matches your D/L. If you are a female, your MAIDEN name or “N/A” is required on your forms.
  • SBI # - Applicants that ALREADY have a Firearms ID Card, your SBI number is the number on your card.
  • References - Reference letters will now be sent via EMAIL. Please have names, addresses, phone numbers and emails ready to enter before you begin. Your references can complete the questions using a smartphone, mobile device, or computer. Please advise them to complete the questions immediately to progress your background investigation.
  • The application is applicant driven, meaning that you are required to enter complete and correct information. Missing/incorrect information will slow the progress of your application.
  • You will be receiving automated email updates throughout this new process.
  • A station representative will contact you to retrieve your FID card and/or handgun permit(s), if approved.
  • You will be REQUIRED to PAY for your documents and show a photo ID (such as a driver’s license) at this time.


  • Initial NJ FID Card - $50.00
  • FID Card Replacements/Updates - $0
  • NJ Permits to Purchase a Handgun - $25.00 each