The Operations Division (sometimes referred to as the Patrol Division or Uniform Division) is the largest and most visible area of the Police Department. This division, commanded by the ‘Captain of Operations’ is responsible for handling all calls for service within the Township.

These calls include but are not limited to burglar and fire alarms, domestic violence reports, assaults, robberies, motor vehicle accidents, medical aid calls, traffic enforcement, welfare checks and assistance calls. Operations personnel are divided into six squads. Each staffed with a Lieutenant (Squad Commander) a Sergeant (Road Supervisor) and five Patrol Officers.

Personnel assigned to the operations division work a set 4 and 4 schedule consisting of four 10 and ¾ hour shifts followed by four consecutive days off. Officers are assigned to shifts based on seniority and remain on that shift for a one - year period.

The Operations Division also oversees the Traffic Bureau. Officers assigned to the Traffic Bureau work a 4 and 3 schedule consisting of four 9 and ½ hour shifts followed by three consecutive days off. Officers in the Traffic Unit serve at the discretion of the Police Chief and Operations Commander.