Nuisance Wildlife

For many people, especially children, viewing wildlife in the backyard is exciting. People and wildlife can peacefully coexist in most situations. However, there may be times when conflicts arise.

Sometimes the proximity of wildlife to people’s homes can cause problems. Most of the common problems associated with wildlife (for example, squirrels in the attic, skunks under the deck, or raccoons rooting through the garbage) can be avoided by implementing a few simple and inexpensive measures.

  • Trim tree branches that extend over your roof. This will reduce the access raccoons and squirrels have to your roof.
  • Store garbage in metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Keep the containers in the garage or shed and put trash out only when it is scheduled for pick up.
  • Screen fireplace chimneys and furnaces as well as attic and dryer vents. (Consult a knowledgeable source to prevent fire or safety hazards).
  • Decks should have a barrier such as wooden lattice or screen to prevent animals from going underneath and making a home.

Trapping and releasing of nuisance wildlife is not a required service under statute for Municipal Animal Control to provide.  If these animals become a nuisance and need to be removed, we have compiled a list of pest control companies that provide this service.

This list is for informational use only.  The Village does not endorse any of these companies.

Pest Control Companies

Phone Number

Target Animals

Buckingham Pest Control Services



Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs


All Animals



No Raccoons

Got Wildlife

877-FUR-FIND (387-3463)

All Animals

Western Pest Services


All Animals

NJ Pest Control


All Animals

Advantage Termite & Pest


All Animals

Animal Damage Control System


All Animals