Design Review Board

Created in January 2016, The Design Review Board purposes are to:

  1. Encourage excellence in design and to ensure that new construction and alterations to existing building are compatible with and complementary of the existing character of the area in order to provide a pleasing aesthetic environment for Village residents, visitors and building occupants;
  2. To provide advisory reports to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Zoning Officer and Building Department in their review of proposed projects which are subject to Design Review. 
  3. To assist and provide guidance to applicants in the planning and design of their projects. 
  4. Issues of design shall be considered separately from issues of use. Design Review shall not address land use or zoning issues and shall be limited solely to consideration of design aesthetics.

The Design Review Board shall consist of five regular members and two alternate members.

Board Members:

  • Katherine Crenshaw, Chairperson
  • Jen Greenberg, Village Trustee
  • Melissa Hodge, SODT, Executive Director 
  • Rebecca Gelman, Vice Chair
  • Oksana Berzinsh
  • Thomas Hut
  • Ojetti Davis, Board Secretary

Meetings: Regular meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the South Orange Village Municipal Offices located in the PNC Bank Building, 76 South Orange Avenue, Suite 302, 3rd Floor Conference Room 1. All meetings are open to the public in accordance with the requirements of the “Open Public Meetings Act” (Sunshine Law).