Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees can be short term Ad Hoc (based upon a onetime need) or long-term standing committees depending upon the established mission of the committee. They provide advice to the Board of Trustees and Administration, but that advice is not required to be followed. Current committees include: 

Community Police Collaborative (CPC)
The Community Police Collaborative (CPC) was formed to advise the Township of South Orange Village Board of Trustees regarding its oversight of the South Orange Village Police Department, particularly with respect to its interactions with Village residents and their children; Village officials, employees, and educators; local non-resident workers and other visitors, Seton Hall University students, and police officers, etc., and to facilitate and encourage further Constituent outreach.

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of Each Month
Member: Trustee Brown

Community Relations Committee (CRC)
The Community Relations Committee (CRC) was created in 1980 to serve a variety of functions within the Village. Some of these include welcoming newcomers to the Village and acting as a liaison with grievances of the Village. The Committee also prepares and assists press releases, newsletters, and other means of communication to emphasize positive aspects of the Village.

Meetings: 3rd Monday of Each Month
Member: Trustee Jones

Development Committee (Formerly Redevelopment Committee)
The Development Committee advises the Board of Trustees and other Village entities on matters related to downtown development. The Committee also disseminates information to the community during the development process. Committee members have varied backgrounds and include developers, planners, and an architect.

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month.
Member: Village President Collum
Member: Trustee Greenberg

Design Review Board
The Design Review Board was established in 2015 as an Advisory Board to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment and Building Department and to provide design guidance and advice to property and business owners in the Village.

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Member: Trustee Greenberg

River Greenway Committee (formally known as River Corridor Project Committee)
Beginning in the late 1990s, Main Street volunteers and others created a vision for the east branch of the Rahway River to restore its natural banks, remove invasive weeds, plant trees, and native species, enhance fish and other habitats, and provide a walking and bicycling path along the river, connecting train stations, playfields, and downtown destinations. A mayor’s advisory committee was created, primarily to steer planning decisions so as to accommodate all of the various interest groups that touched on the river and adjacent fields and urban properties as the environmental permitting and design stages advanced. The committee also coordinates activities with the Village government and especially recreation groups.

Meetings: As Needed
Member: Trustee Haskins

Senior Citizens Advisory Committee
Originally established in 1980, the Senior Citizens Affairs Advisory Community was created to meet the needs of senior Village residents. The Committee identifies and assesses the needs of South Orange’s senior citizens, and works with the Board of Trustees regarding the needs and challenges facing senior citizens, and recommends solutions. The Committee also coordinates with the Village for senior citizen programs for topics including nutrition, consumer protection, and estate planning.

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of each month
Member: Trustee Hartshorn Hilton

SOMA Two Towns for All Ages
South Orange and Maplewood (SOMA) launched "Two Towns for All Ages which takes a proactive approach to foster healthy aging and enable residents to age in place. This age-friendly initiative engages all stakeholders in the community - government, businesses, schools, non-profits, and faith-based organizations - to build a community that serves the needs of residents of all ages.

Meetings: As Needed
Member: Trustee Hartshorn Hilton

Walk Bike Ride South Orange (WBRSO)
Walk Bike Ride South Orange advises the Board of Trustees on community mobility issues by addressing and prioritizing concerns related to pedestrian, bicycling, traffic calming, and public transit experiences. The committee serves as a forum for community input into the design of roadways and sidewalks and promotes traffic safety. The committee also plans events to engage the public in non-automobile transportation modalities.

Meetings: 3rd Monday of Each Month
Member: Trustee Jones

For more information regarding the advisory committees, please reach out to the Clerk's Office at (973) 378-7715 ext. 1.