Lead and Copper

Important Notice: Seeking Residences for Water Testing

There is no current issue or concern with the supply of your drinking water; however, in response to recent changes in water sampling guidelines from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is enhancing its normal testing procedures. These guidelines require that a larger number of homes be sampled, more frequently, in an effort to identify any water quality issues pertaining to lead and copper. The Township of South Orange Village, the owner of your water system, is a willing partner with EPA and NJDEP in this important public health monitoring effort.

The NJDEP is independently reviewing all test results from the Village and all participating homeowners will receive copies of the test results. This enhanced testing program is being undertaken by water utilities all over the state and nation and is not unique to the Village or in response to any particular issue within our system. The Village is making a major investment in this sampling program and implementing industry best management practices to best serve our residents. 

The NJDEP has strict criteria for participation in this testing program and not all homes in the Village will meet the technical requirements to participate.

Generally, the main criteria to participate are:

1. Single family home (built before 1945, or built between 1983-1986)
2. Utilizes a lead service line
3. Willing to collect samples twice a year
4. Not utilizing a filter or water softener

Participants will be asked to:

1. Collect samples using bottles that will be delivered to and picked-up from your home
2. Complete a sample collection form

Residents who meet NJDEP’s technical criteria for participation in this program and are included in the sampling pool will be credited $20 for each biannual sample they collect.

The pre-qualification form can be found here:  https://main.govpilot.com/web/pubform.html?uid=6977&fid=2feece25-230&ust=NJ