Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When I obtain a building permit to improve my property, when and how will my property assessment be increased?

A: A representative from the Assessor's office inspects the property and assesses at the current market value (as of October 1st) the added assessment is the amount of the difference between the old assessment and the value of the entire property at the end of the project.
Q: If I get a building permit, complete the work and do not call for a final inspection, will an added assessment bill be sent, and what if the permit doesn't include all of the work?

A: The final inspection does not determine the date of the assessment. The assessor values the property when it is substantially ready for intended use, and then assesses all of the changes during the inspection and must value the entire property each time it is re-assessed.
Q: What if I don't take out a permit?

A: Not getting a permit does not prevent an assessment. Building inspections are necessary for safety and not a method for raising revenue. If you had a fire without taking out proper permits and inspections, the insurance company might not pay for the damages. If the Assessor's Office discovers an improvement, an assessment is made regardless of whether there was a permit or not.
Q: What if I disagree with the value on the bill?

A: You are obligated to pay the bill in full, whether or not you agree to the assessment. You have until December 1st to appeal the added assessment. After that date, no one will be able to appeal the added assessment.