Handicapped Placards

Temporary Handicapped Placard

To apply for a temporary parking placard:
  • Applications for Temporary Handicapped Placards are available from the Record Bureau at the South Orange Police Department.
  • Applications must be certified by a doctor verifying the need for a placard.
  • Completed applications must be returned to the Record Bureau along with a $4 payable to New Jersey Motor vehicle Commission
Temporary placards are issued for six months, with one six-month renewal allowed

Permanent Handicapped Placard or Plates

A copy of the vehicle registration must be included with plate applications. There is no additional charge for handicapped plates.

Applicants without a license or non-driver identification card must prove identity by passing 6 Point ID Verification.

Note: Handicapped plates cannot be issued for vehicles owned by or leased to companies, organizations or groups.