What counts as a carry-out bag?

Bags that are provided by retail establishments to customers, at points of sale, to carry and/or transport purchased items. Carry-out bags include restaurant delivery and restaurant take-out bags.

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1. What counts as a carry-out bag?
2. What counts as a “compliant” reusable bag?
3. What if I forget to bring a reusable bag?
4. What kinds of bags are allowed without fees?
5. What about bags that come into direct contact with food?
6. What about restaurant delivery and take-out?
7. What counts as a “doggy bag”?
8. Is there a fee for paper gift bags?
9. What if dampness issues make the use of paper bags impractical?
10. Where does the 5 cent fee for paper carry-out bags go?
11. Are seniors and public assistance recipients exempt from the paper carry-out bag fee?
12. What should I do if I have a large supply of non compliant carry-out bags already purchased for use in my store?