How does the SEA R-GEA Program work?

All eligible residents (all residential customers of PSE&G in the Village except for those that already have their own TPS contract or that have a solar electric generating system on their property that supplies power to their home) are automatically included in the SEA R-GEA program and will be sent a notice in the mail at the beginning of May 2019.  This notice, known as the Opt-Out Notice, provides all the details of the program as well as the various ways to opt-out of the program, including the awarded TPS’s toll-free telephone number, email address, and a postage-paid opt-out card. 

There is a 30-day opt-out period during which customers can review the Opt-Out Notice and decide whether they wish to opt-out of the program.  After that opt-out period concludes on May 30, 2019, those residents who do not opt-out of the program will be enrolled by the winning supplier (Direct Energy). 

Even after an electric account is enrolled, residents remain free to opt-out of the program at any time during the contract.  Participation in the SEA R-GEA Program is 100% optional. There are no fees or penalties if you decide to opt-out.

As noted above customers that have their own, independent TPS contracts are not initially included but are given the option to join the SEA R-GEA program.

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