What else are you doing to improve the water system?
The Village is working with American Water and our engineering consultants at HDR Inc. (http://www.hdrinc.com) on a variety of projects to improve the overall system. Those projects include, leak detection, building a pumping station and pipeline, and hydrant repairs. Over the next few years we also plan to upgrade and repair most of the major elements of our long neglected water infrastructure and do so using low cost bonds from New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT) which will be repaid via water revenues, not tax dollars. ( Infrastructure Upgrades: http://www.southorange.org/574/Infrastructure-Maintenance-Projects)Infrastructure Upgrades

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1. Where do I pay my bill?
2. What if I have a billing issue from before 2017?
3. What are the sources of the new water supply?
4. Is the new water harder or softer than with EOWC?
5. Why might I need a new water meter?
6. What else are you doing to improve the water system?
7. Will these changes address PFOAs and VOCs
8. Is there a problem with Lead or Copper?
9. Will this water have fluoride added to it?
10. What is the situation regarding Chromium-6?