On July 27, 2009, the Township of South Orange Village adopted Ordinance number 09-18 to establish a uniform system for the registration of rental units, the licensing of such units, and to impose sanctions on landlords who permit repeated violations of law by their tenants.

Ordinance Number 09-18 Summary

This ordinance provides for a uniform single point registration for residential properties offered for rent or lease, whether occupied or not. The required annual registration satisfies the requirements for registration under both the Rent Leveling Ordinance and the registration and licensing requirements of this ordinance. Owners of both single-family and multi-family rental properties are required to register. Multi-family rental properties are defined as structures containing two or more dwelling units. Once registered, each unit will be licensed and eligible for rental/lease purposes. Please find the rental registration form here: 

The ordinance sets forth certain violations, which may result in the revocation or suspension of a license and/or the imposition of a fine of not less than $500. Violations include the following:

  • Failure to register or amend registration when required.
  • Permitting tenants to exceed licensed occupancy limits.
  • Continued rental of dwelling unit after license revocation or suspension.
  • Permitting tenants to remain in occupancy who commit two or more quality of life and /or property damage crimes within a twelve (12) month period. Landlords shall be entitled to notice of conviction of such crimes, and a hearing. An unsuccessful attempt to evict offending tenants shall constitute an absolute defense.

The ordinance also provides for certain posting requirements, including the name and address of agents for owners who do not reside in South Orange.

Single-family Rental Property

Any single-family structure held out for rental, whether occupied or not, also referred to as a covered property.

Multi-family Rental Property

Any structure containing two (2) or more units available for rent, whether occupied or not, also referred to as a covered property.

Note: A Two-family Rental Property in which the Owner occupies one unit and the second unit is rented is neither classified as a Multi-family nor a Single-family Rental Property under Ordinance No. 09-18. However, all rental units remain subject to Certificate of Habitability provisions, of the Code of the Township of South Orange Village.

All issued Rental Registration Licenses will be mailed to the first listed Owner or, if a corporation, to the Registered Agent, unless otherwise requested on the Rental Registration Statement, and must be posted at the rental property.