Duties of the Village Clerk

Secretary to the Municipal Corporation

The Village Clerk serves as secretary to the municipal corporation and is the custodian of the municipal seal, Village meeting minute books, deeds, bonds, contracts, and archives of South Orange Village.

Secretary to the Governing Body

The Village Clerk also serves as the secretary to the Board of Trustees, handles all correspondence, and prepares the meeting agendas and minutes of all Board of Trustee meetings. The Village Clerk also acts as liaison between the public and the governing body

Administrative Officer for Licenses & Permits

Having a block party? Want to hold a special event in the Village? The Village Clerk is responsible for issuing various permits and licenses, from garage sales to television/motion picture filming productions in the Village. Browse the various license and permit applications.

Coordinator & Records Manager

The Village Clerk is responsible for storing and maintaining the local archives and records of the Village, and is the official Custodian of Record. Public records are available to the community in accordance with the Open Public Records Act (commonly known as OPRA).

View instructions and an application to submit an OPRA request to the Village.

Chief Elections Officer in All Elections Held in the Village

Being the Chief Elections officer requires a thorough understanding of our state’s election laws-not to mention the organizational skills needed to carry them off! The Village Clerk serves as an election official by registering voters and certifying vacancies on the Board of Trustees should they occur. The Clerk is also responsible for furnishing materials for local elections, selecting polling places, and certifying the election of all candidates for local office at the municipal election.

Chief Registrar of Voters in the Municipality

Now that you know that the Clerk is responsible for all aspects of elections in the Village, you may be wondering “How do I vote?” If you are a new resident to the Village, or are a new registered voter, Voter Registration application forms are available online or stop by the Village Clerk’s Office to pick up a Voter Registration application. We’re here to help answer your questions.