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Request for Parking Ticket Dismissal

  1. Request for Parking Ticket Dismissal
    Be advised the following is for PARKING TICKETS ONLY
  2. The Maplewood & South Orange Courts have instituted a policy to Request a Dismissal from the Prosecutor in writing with optional supporting documents to support your parking summons. If approved, the Prosecutor, who is empowered to dismiss, will make a motion the following week, administratively before the Judge without a need to appear. If denied, it will be referred back to the Court staff who will schedule the matter for Court to be contested in front of the Judge. It is your absolute right to plead “Not Guilty,” and while the Prosecutor may deny your request in writing, the Judge will make a final ruling when you in appear in Court.
  3. Please note: As stated, if denied, the Court will send a notice confirming the Court date. At which point the defendant may choose to appear or simply pay the summons. If dismissed, the Court Office, due to volume, does not send anything in writing but this may be verified by contacting the Court Staff at 973-762-2839 ext. 0 to be connected with a staff member. Alternatively, verification of dismissals can be found on the New Jersey Municipal Courts Portal, and after completing the summons search, it will state: Balance due: 0.00 “This ticket has already been paid or resolved in Court.”
  4. This policy was developed and instituted to allow defendants to initially contest parking tickets in writing without the need to take a day off of work, school, etc. and improve customer service, as well as, reduce the impact on citizen’s lives.
  5. Please note: This procedure is for one summons per request.
  6. **The Court reserves the right due to volume, interest, or otherwise, pursuant to rule or law and schedule the matter directly for Court.
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