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South Orange Resident, Dr. Ahadi Bugg-Levine has created a weekly booklist around 4 important themes: No Sidekicks Here, Loving Our Families, Inspired by Our History, and Turning Knowledge Into Action. Below, Ahadi shares her thoughts on this very impactful month.

Black History Month is my favorite time of the year to answer a question that I frequently receive: "Ahadi, do you recommend any good books with black or brown characters?" My answer is always: "Yes!" 

Growing up, my family showed me that books play a critical role in helping children understand themselves, perceive the world around them, and decide how they will make an impact on their communities. I loved visiting SOMa’s libraries as a child. From story hour to school research to just wandering the stacks in search of a good book, I stayed in our libraries for hours at a time. I then worked in a library during college. Now, I find myself researching new book titles for my daughter and other children in our lives because representation matters!

So that you can find a good book a little easier, I will share a list of book recommendations each Wednesday to help you celebrate, learn, and reflect during this month. I hope that you will find books on this list to engage your children, spark meaningful conversations, and give you hope.

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Our book lists themes launch every Wednesday in February at 10:00am.  Next booklist launches on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.
BHM 2024 No Sidekicks
BHM24 Loving Our Family
BHM24 Inspired by Our History

Storytime Saturdays Launches A New Book Every Saturday at 10:00 am.  Click on the link for the book to go the the reading.

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