PSE&G - South Orange Avenue Gas Line Project

On or about June 12th, 2023 and continuing for up to four (4) months, PSE&G will be replacing gas mains and gas service lines. Construction will commence on South Orange Avenue between Scotland/Valley Rd and Turrell Ave. Please consider alternate routes or allow extra time for any travel while the area is under construction. PSE&G will be replacing gas mains and gas service lines on:

-South Orange Ave between Ward Place and Valley Street - Construction to take place M-F beginning at 7am

-Section between Prospect St & Valley St will see construction during both day and overnight hours

The Village is working with PSEG and their construction team to have portions of the project completed overnight to reduce the impact on the downtown during daytime and commuting hours. While this will be possible for some of the project, it is not possible for all of it to be completed overnight. Any steps that can be taken to reduce the impact on residents and businesses are being taken and we appreciate your patience while this project is underway.