WebEx FAQs


Why does South Orange use WebEx?

When the need for remote meeting software needed to be addressed the IT department did an extensive investigation into which application would best serve our needs. 

WebEx is a more secure program with greater safeguards against hacking. We do not only conduct Village business over WebEx but also Police and Fire and therefore must employ the highest level of security.

We use two types of programs, Meetings and Events.

Meetings are more open usually with fewer participants. It is easier to join and run a meeting. We use it for many public meetings as well as meetings that are not open to the general public.

Events are larger and more complicated. There are two types of participants. Panelists, usually members of the elected or statutory boards, and attendees. Panelists can be seen and control their own microphones and video link. Attendees are members of the general public who wish to view or even participate in the Event. This group also includes individuals that will present information or give testimony.

Please note all Attendees for our events must pre-register. If you receive an invitation as an attendee please register well in advance so that you can receive your confirmation email. If you will be joining from the public link on the Village's calendar please use the link to register well before the meeting. This way you will be ready when the meeting is opened.

We have two different groups for several reasons. This helps to keep the viewing screen less crowded. Imagine if we had 100 or more individuals at an event, no one would be recognizable on the screen. More importantly it allows the Village to control the number of open microphones reducing the amount of background noise. This helps to also insure that the meeting is not disrupted by someone who does not want to wait their turn or is intent on disrupting the meeting.

This document will explain how attendees can be added to the panel or have their microphone opened.

We have tried to make this FAQ as complete as possible, it is not reasonable to expect it to anticipate every possible problem an individual could run into.

Please read this FAQ to find many useful tips and answers to your questions. We recommend that if you will be attending any WebEx event or meeting that you use the internet to find useful “how to” videos and other instructional documents.

We will take you through the process of joining a Cisco WebEx Event and the key audio/visual checks you should complete before and after joining. 

At the bottom of this page you will find some helpful videos with step by step instructions on how to use different aspects of WebEx.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you read through all of the FAQs to be familiar with tips that may help you. You can also click on any of the questions to be taken directly there.

If you prefer you can click this link to be taken to a downloadable PDF version.

[How do I know if WebEx will run on my computer? will my camera work? will my camera work?]

[How do I gain access to a WebEx Event or Meeting?]

[How do I Join a WebEx Event with an Invitation?]

[How do I Join without an invitation?]

[Why am I being asked to allow WebEx or my browser to use my camera and/or microphone?]

[How do I change the way I see the Event?]

[How do I improve how I hear or how I am heard?
Panelist; I am having trouble being heard or there is a lot of noise where I am. ]

[I am having trouble hearing as an Attendee or being heard or hearing after I have been added as a Panelist. ]

[How do I Share my Screen? ]

[How will I know if the board can see me? I can hear the board members but my picture is not on the screen. ]

[How do I ask to speak, ask a question or make a statement during the Event?]

[How do I raise my hand?]

[What should I do, I can see the meeting on my computer but I cannot hear.? ]

How do I know if WebEx will run on my computer? Will my camera work? Will my microphone work?

The WebEx system provides a site where you can test to see if WebEx will run on your computer. You will be able to test your speakers or headphones and test your microphone. All you need to do is click on this link: webex.com/test-meeting and follow the directions. Here are two links to sites that can help walk you thru using the WebEx test site.

How do I gain access to a WebEx Event or Meeting?

You can access WebEx from your browser, desktop/mobile app or video device. You should join The Event 10 minutes prior to the start time of the Event. 


You will come across some wording that you may not be familiar with such as: 

Panelist–a person who is able to interact with other event participants via audio and/or video.

Attendee –a person who is able to view and listen to an event without the ability to interact with others e.g. an observer. 

When attempting to join a WebEx event for the first time, you may be invited to download the software and possibly an extension for your web browser to make connecting easier. If you wish to do this, it is recommended that you do this well before the Event to ensure that you have the software available in advance. 

It can be downloaded at https://webex.com/downloads

If you wish to participate by using a mobile device, the WebEx app is also available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How do I Join a WebEx Event With an Invitation?

By Invitation: Once the Event has been set up by the Village Clerk’s office you will receive an email invitation to the address you have provided. The email will come from messenger@webex.com. Please do not delete this email from your inbox until after the event has been completed. 

If you should have received a personal invitation and have not received an email invitation, please check your “spam” or “junk” inbox to make sure it has not automatically been redirected. You can also join by using the Public Link information provided below.

The invitation will contain the following information:

  • Event name 
  • Event date and start time 
  • Event number (access code)
  • Event password 
  • Link to join event
  • Panelist password (if you are a Panelist)
  • Attendee link to join event
  • Join event (green button)
  • Dial-in details

join now copy

The email address used in this form must match the email address which received the Event invitation. 

Once you have entered your details, select the “Join Now or Submit” button. 

How do I join without an invitation?  Use the Public Link

To obtain the URL (Universal Resource Locator) for the Event you wish to join please go to the Village Calendar: 

  1. Click on the event. 

  2. Now click on More Details 

  3. On the right side of the screen Click the link provided. You will be taken to the registration page. 

Click to Register

The form contains fields for your 

First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

All Events require you to register if you wish to join via your device. 

If you only wish to listen to the Event, you can use the Call in Number and Event Number provided in the Body of the Event description.

Fill in the full registration form and click Register.

Registration Form v2 copy

If the event is in the future, you will receive an email letting you know that you are registered. It will contain a green Join button. If the event has started you will be taken to the event join page.

Join an Event:

To join an Event click on the green “Join Event” button in the email invitation.

This will launch a web browser showing the event information and a form to be completed.

If you have tried to join more than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the Event the page may show that you cannot join the event now because it has not started and you will need to return at the time that was given in your email invitation. 

It is not necessary to add WebEx to your device. You can run the temporary application in order to join the event. This is a personal choice. 

When you have clicked the “Submit” button, select the “Join Event” button which appears on the next screen. This will launch the event. 

You should see the following information on your screen: 

There are a series of floating buttons at the bottom of your screen

WebEx Bottom Tool Bar copy

The first button is your microphone button. If it is RED, then you are muted –no one can hear you. Click once to unmute and again if you need to mute. 

Leaving the event: To leave an event, click on the RED X button as shown above. 

Messages is also known as Chat

Why am I being asked to allow WebEx or my browser to use my camera and/or microphone?

With current updates to different browsers and Windows 10 there are more permission settings to protect your privacy. This means that you may be required to grant permission for your system to use your camera and microphone for WebEx and other applications. 

How do I change the way I see the Event?

The event view will default to an active speaker view which means that whomever is speaking, is that person on screen and all other participants can be seen across the bottom of your screen. You can change the layout by clicking on the Layout Icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and selecting the grid view or Full screen if you prefer. Try different views and see what you like best.

How do I improve how I hear or how I am heard?

Panelist; I am having trouble being heard or there is a lot of noise where I am.

Audio: To improve the audio quality of the event it is highly recommended that you use a headset to listen to the Event. Having a microphone will further improve the quality of Event audio.

To minimize voice overlap and unnecessary background noise, it is recommended to have only one person speaking at a time, with others muting their microphones and un-muting when they are ready to speak. You can select an option to use the space bar to temporally un-mute your microphone. This option can be found by clicking on Audio & Video at the top Left of your screen.

I am having trouble hearing as an Attendee or being heard or hearing after I have been added as a Panelist.

The solution to both problems may be found by clicking on the Audio & Video drop down found at the top left of your screen.

audio video select copy

Select Speaker and Microphone Settings

Mic and speaker copy

You can use the Test Buttons to see if your Speaker, Headset or Microphone is working. Use the drop down boxes to make sure that the proper device is selected.  You can use the sliders to adjust the volume of your speakers and microphone.

How do I Share my Screen?

When it is the time for you to share content you will be made a Panelist and the “Ball” will be passed to you. You can share your Screen or an Application. Because we record all of our events you cannot share a file. 

There is a glitch in the WebEx program that affects the event recording if anyone shares a file. We are unable to share videos during an Event because you cannot share a file and if you run an application the audio will not be heard. WebEx is working on correcting this glitch. We have been informed that this issue will be corrected by April of 2021. Till that time if you need to share a Video please contact the IT office directly so that we can work with you to show a video.

How will I know if the Board can see me?  I can hear the Board members but my picture is not on the screen.

When you log in your picture will not appear on the screen because you are an attendee. The board knows you are present because they can see your name. When the time comes for you to speak you will be elevated. This process will take a few minutes, please be patient. This process is done in this manner to have order in the meeting. 

How do I ask to speak, ask a question or make a statement during the Event?

To be recognized to speak as an Attendee you will need to let the Clerk or Board Secretary know you wish to speak. Do not contact the Host, they will not be able to help you.

Options to be recognized to speak

You can raise your Hand.Raise Hand copy

How to Raise Your Hand:

Click on the participant list

Find your name

Click on the Hand Icon

The Panel will get a notification that you’ve raised your hand. And if they haven’t acknowledged it yet, you can keep it raised until you’re sure that they’ve seen it. Click on the ‘Hand’ icon again to lower your hand.

When it is time, either the meeting chair or Clerk will announce that you will be speaking. Please be ready to turn on your camera and microphone.

  • You can send a Chat to the South Orange Clerk
  • Open the chat window
  • Select South Orange Clerk
  • Then type your message and hit enter.

You can send an email prior to or during the Event to:

For Board of Trustees: botQuestions@southorange.org

For Planning Board: pbQuestions@southorange.org

For Zoning Board of Adjustment: zbaQuestions@southorange.org

This depends upon which Event you wish to contact.

What should I do, I can see the meeting on my computer but I cannot hear?

If you are only planning to watch the Event, you can view the Event on the Local Public Access Channel. Channel 19 for Optimum and Channel 22 or 44 for FiOS. 

You can use the call-in number and Event number that are in your invitation to use your landline or cell phone to call in, you can continue to watch on your computer.

You can also click on the circle at the bottom of your screen with the 3 dots or use the Audio & Video drop-down at the top of the screen.

meeting Icon bar copy

Select Switch Audio    

Then mouse over Call in and select Blue View Button           

Audio Connection copy

Switch Audio copy

Use the Call number you will see.

Call in Info Box copy

Enter the Access Code and then the Attendee ID. This will bring you in with the same identification as when you logged into the Event. 

Please note you can not share the Attendee ID with others. It is a unique identifier for your current login.

We have created some useful videos to help you use WebEx. 

You can find a great deal of information on how to use this remote meeting software on the internet.

We will create more videos as the need arises.