Be Prepared to Provide Information When Calling The Fire Department

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 health crisis, the Fire Department will be asking all callers a  brief series of questions in the interest of firefighter health and safety. Please be prepared to answer some simple questions regarding your current health status and the like. Nothing intrusive, only a quick basic inquiry to know what we may be responding to, prior to addressing the condition you are calling about. If possible, the caller should meet firefighters at the front door and come out of the house to speak with the incident commander observing a distance of six feet while talking. A determination on a pathway of action to resolve the issue at hand will be quickly arrived at  and the response terminated. Creative modifications to response by your South Orange Firefighters is the norm, for now,  until such time the situation changes for the better. Be sure to review the numerous prevention techniques from legitimate organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control (, the NJ State Department of Health ( and the South Orange Village COVID-19 Information Portal on the Village COVID-19 website at  ( In short, "DO THE FIVE" - HANDS, Wash them often , ELBOW, cough into it, FACE, Don’t touch it, SPACE, Keep safe distance, HOME, Stay if you can.