Backyard Chicken Pilot Project

Please note that due to continuing concerns regarding the Norway rat population and continued efforts on the part of the Health Department to track and combat the coronavirus, we will postpone drafting and adopting the permanent backyard chicken ordinance until Spring 2021.

Some Citizens of the Township of South Orange Village have expressed an interest in keeping chickens as pets. In order to determine the feasibility and long term effect of having chickens  being raised in South Orange, The Village is undertaking a two year pilot program.

Please note it is very important that you read the ordinance in its entirety to make sure that you fulfill all of the application's requirements. 

You may either mail or bring into the Village Offices your application packet along with your one time fee. Your Application will be reviewed by the Health Department, the Building Department and the Zoning Official.

Please click here to read the ordinance covering this Pilot Project.

Please click here to United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Biosecurity for Birds page. You will find a great deal of useful information here. To view the webinar please scroll down the page till you reach the link for March 2017 - Spring Into Chick Season then select the link for either of the BHAW webinars 3.2.17.

You can click here to go directly to the webinar. Please note it can take a minute for the video to load.

It is necessary to view the webinar in order to take the required exam.

To help ensure the health and proper treatment of the chickens involved in the pilot project and the health of the humans as well, an applicant will need to score a 100% to pass the required quiz. An applicant may view the webinar as often as they like and may take the quiz as often as necessary to attain the required score of 100.

Please click here to take the online exam.

Residents wishing to participate in the backyard chicken pilot project are required to gain consent from all of their contiguous neighbors. Please click the link to access the a form you can use to document your neighbors consent.

Contiguous Neighbor Consent Form