SO Connect

South Orange Village is always trying to improve how we can address resident concerns more swiftly, effectively and efficiently. As part of that effort we have upgraded the software application for our SO Connect – (report a concern) app. This new application has greater integration into our department processes to ensure concerns are addressed as quickly as possible and provides alerts keep you informed of each step in the process of addressing your concern.

Submit a Request Online

Beginning January 1, 2017, SO Connect will have a new free mobile app available for iOS and Android, called GovAlert. This app will enable you to report your concerns to South Orange departments in the time it takes to send a text message. Simply snap a picture of a pothole, litter, or other non-emergency and add a few words to describe the situation. Hit submit and the appropriate Village department will receive the alert directly.

South Orange Village will no longer be using the SO Connect mobile app by Accela. Please uninstall this application and use GovAlert instead. 

As some of you may have noticed, the Village has been removing prior requests from the discontinued Accela application.  However, all previously submitted requests remain on file in the new system and will be addressed.  Older requests from the system which may have not have been closed out in the system or which, due to the passage of time, are no longer applicable have been deleted from the system.  To the extent a prior request was addressed but no notice of the completion was provided to the person reporting the concern, we apologize.  Our new system and process is intended to more efficiently address your concerns and ensure that you are promptly notified of the handling and actions taken in response to those concerns.

We’re looking forward to SO Connecting with you.