Water Billing 

On January 9, 2023, the South Orange Village Board of Trustees voted and passed Ordinance #2022-36, which changed water rates. A copy of this ordinance is available on the website under YOUR GOVERNMENT, VILLAGE CODE Chapter 351-15.

The rate changes are effective Feb. 1,2023 and are from the current basic rate of $7.28 to $7.65 per ccf (100 cubic feet).



Call center hours of operation will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for questions related to your bill, to schedule a service visit, or to set up an appointment to turn your water service on or off or reactivate your water service if it’s shut off for non-payment.

Ways To Pay Your Bill

  • Electronic Payment Program: Save time and money! This free service automatically deducts the amount of your bill from your bank account. Call us today to sign up or for more information.
  • Internet: Visit Pay My Bill to pay your bill online.
  • Mail: Include the pre-addressed payment stub, write your account number and address on your check or money order and use the envelope provided. Do not send cash.

Billing issues prior to 2017 

The East Orange Water Commission (EOWC) previously operated the Village’s water system until December 31st, 2016. If you have a question regarding a bill from December 31st or earlier contact EOWC directly at 973-266-8869.

Additional Billing Information - Water Rates And Fees

Volumetric rates for water sold to customers by the South Orange Village Water Utility are established by the Village and billed on a periodic basis. Where the metered volume in any given period is equal to or less than any minimums established by the Village, a minimum periodic charge shall apply. All fees and minimums are identified in Chapter 351  of the municipal code of the Township of South Orange Village, accessible by visiting www.southorange.org, then “Village Code” under “Your Government”.

Water Service Line

Regardless of the location of the curb box (whether it is found on the actual property line; within the grassy median between the street and sidewalk; or found deeper within the residential lot), the service line from the curb box into the home is the homeowner’s responsibility.

351-10 Plumbing Requirements

The Customer’s Service House Connection shall conform to all current applicable codes.

Anytime that a Customer received notice that the Customer’s Service House Connection is leaking, the Customer shall repair or replace the Service House Connection within seven calendar days of receipt of such notice. For good cause and upon a payment of $50.00 per day, a Customer may request an extension of time from the Contract Administrator to make the repair or replacement. Failure to make the repair or replacement as herein required, may result in the termination of service.  

351-35 Fixture And Facility Inspections; Notice; Repairs

In order to discover and correct water leaks, after the determination of an emergency by the Board of Trustees, as provided in this Article, the Village may send authorized agents to each place in the Village where water is available for use, in order to inspect the water fixtures and facilities. The owner and occupant of any premises so inspected shall be severally responsible for the repair of any leaks. Such repairs shall be made forthwith after said owner or occupant has been notified of the existence of a leak or leaks by the Operator or by an authorized officer or employee of the Village. If not made forthwith after notice, the repairs may be made by the Village or by its authorized agents. The cost of such repairs shall then be added to and made a part of the water bill for the premises at which said repairs were made.

Update - 4/12/2022