Shed Requirements

Sheds less than 200 sq. ft. and less than 10' in height require a Zoning Permit ONLY.
Greater than 200 sq. ft. or 10’ in height require a Construction Permit. 
Sheds cannot exceed 15 feet in height and may not be used as a dwelling. 

Zoning Requirements: 

  1. Must be a required minimum 3 foot setback from the side yard and rear yard of the property lines.
  2. Must be a required minimum of 10 feet from any other accessory structures, such as a detached garage or a pool surface and equipment.
  3. Must be a required minimum of 20 feet away from the primary dwelling (including decks if applicable) on the property.
  4. The increase of lot coverage will be included and calculated upon submission.

Permit Requirements:

1.            Sheds greater than 200 sq. ft. and not more than 600 sq. ft., or with an eave height 10’ or more: require footings, which are a min. 12” in depth.

2.            Sheds over 100 sq. ft. and under 200 sq. ft. that are over 10’ in height require one of the following:

a.      If the shed has a floor system attached to the walls i.e. a wooden shed built on site or delivered by truck.  No anchor system required only a 4” bed of gravel.

b.      If the shed has not floor system i.e. Metal or Vinyl sheds (i.e. Home Depot or Sears) an approved anchoring system must be installed.  The anchors do not have to extend below the frost line.

3.            A copy of a scaled property survey must be submitted indicating the shed’s location, as well as 2 copies of the plans (if the shed is to be built on site) or 2 copies of the brochure indicating style and size (if purchased to be delivered to site).