Heating and Cooling Equipment

  1. All contractors installing new heating equipment must present their Home Improvement Card.
  2. If a backflow preventer is being installed, the permit form needs a plumbing seal for work up to and including the backflow preventer.
  3. No Electrical seal is required for replacement of a heating unit.
  4. No Plumbing seal necessary for gas piping, replacement of heating and A/C units, outside water/sewer line; however contractor must submit Home Improvement Card.
  5. If an Electrical or Plumbing Contractor submits the application, a seal is always required.

          Below is a list of the necessary subcode sections needed for each item of work:

  • New AC Unit: Building, Electric, & Plumbing (must be sealed for electric).  A survey must also be submitted.
  • Replacement of AC Unit / Air Handler Only: Electric & Plumbing (electrical seal required and need home improvement card).  A survey must also be submitted.
  • Replacement of AC Condensing Unit:  Electric Only (electrical seal OR HVAC license required and need home improvement card).  A survey must also be submitted.
  • Furnace Replacement: (no seal required - need home improvement card)
    • No change in fuel type, location, or duct work - Fire & Electric (Chimney certification required)
    • No change in location but a change in fuel type - Fire, Plumbing, & Electric (Chimney certification required)
    • Change in location: Fire, Plumbing, Electric, & Building (Chimney certification required)
  • Replace Boiler: No change in fuel type or location- Fire, Plumbing, & Electric (Chimney certification required)
  • Hot Water Heater: Plumbing (Chimney certification required)
  • Communications / Low Voltage:  If a licensed electrician is doing work, a seal is needed, otherwise no electric seal is required; however we need a copy of the Telecommunications Exemption Card.
  • Bonding Certification: Needed on all public pools every 5 years. A licensed contractor is needed to do the certification and the contractor needs required test equipment.
  • Annual Pool Inspection: Electric Only- no seal needed unless repairs are made
  • Steam Units: Plumbing & Electric- needs seal
  • Gas Fireplace:  Plumbing, Fire & Building- Home Improvement Card
  • Wood Burning Fireplace:  Building & Fire- Home Improvement Card
  • Radon:  Building & Electric- Need Radon Registration & Home Improvement Card
  • Chimney Liner:  Building, chimney liner diagram, & chimney certification form
  • Backflow Preventer:  Needs plumbing seal up to and including backflow preventer for lawn sprinkler or irrigation systems. Electric is also needed for the rain sensor and a copy of the irrigation license is needed.


HVAC License vs. Electrical License Guidelines

As of April 1, 2015, the following guidelines apply for the installation of new and/or replacement of HVAC systems:

  • All new units require an electrical license, NOT HVAC license.


If there is a proposed REPLACEMENT, the following guidelines apply:

  • The unit must be less than 25 tons.
  • Max 240 volt SINGLE PHASE.
  • The contractor may only run wire from the existing disconnect to the new/replacement unit.
  • All low-voltage applicable wiring.

If the proposed replacement does not comply with the above listed criteria, then a licensed electrician must be used.