Most Abused Ordinances

69-20. Dogs running at large.  [Amended 11-1-1976 by Ord. No. 76-26] 

A.        No owner of any dog and no other person in charge of or keeping or harboring any dog shall permit any dog to be upon any public street or in any public place or upon any private property, other than the premises of the owner or such other person within the Village of South Orange, unless such dog is accompanied by a person and is securely restrained by a person accompanying such dog on a leash not more than six feet in length. Any dog, whether licensed or not, found not accompanied and restrained as required by this subsection may be seized and impounded by the Animal Warden, as provided in § 69-21.

69-20. Dogs are prohibited to be in any park.  

C.        No owner of any dog and no person in charge of or keeping or harboring any dog shall permit any dog to enter upon or to remain in any park, the waters therein, any recreational area or land or any recreational building owned by or under the control of the Village of South Orange, whether or not such dog is accompanied and adequately restrained as required in Subsection A of this section. 

69-18. Noise nuisance by dogs or other animals.

No person shall keep within the limits of the Village any dog or other animal causing a nuisance and disturbing the peace and quiet of the neighborhood in which it shall be kept by howling, barking or making or causing other sounds or noises. 

104-5.     Prohibited acts.

B.        No person shall cause, suffer, allow or permit the following act:

(3) Animals and birds: owning, possessing or harboring any pet animal or pet bird that frequently or for continued duration makes sounds that create a noise disturbance across a residential real property line (for the purpose of this section, a noise disturbance from a barking dog shall be defined as that created by a dog barking continually for 10 minutes or intermittently for 30 minutes unless provoked).

170-3 Licenses. [Amended 5-17-2012 by Ord. No. 12-01]

M.        Feeding and/or sheltering of either stray or feral cats on any public or private property located within the Township of South Orange Village is prohibited.

N.        If it is determined by the Health Department that any person has been feeding and/or sheltering stray or feral cats, these cats will be considered a personal pet of that individual. As such you must be in compliance with this section. Additionally, all forms of shelters, food, and water bowls will have to be removed by the individual.

172-65. Harboring or maintaining animals restricted.  [Added 5-16-1968]

No person shall maintain or harbor or permit to be maintained or harbored in any dwelling or dwelling unit under his control a total of more than six animals over six months of age.

172-66. Defecation by dogs.  [Added 1-21-1971; amended 5-16-1985]

No person shall permit any dog owned or harbored by him or in his charge to defecate in any area in the Township of South Orange Village, and when an animal deposits excrement, it is the responsibility of the individual in charge of the animal to promptly clean up and dispose of the excrement in a sanitary and approved manner.