Municipal Court

The South Orange Municipal Court and Violations Bureau are located in the new Maplewood Police and Court Building at 1618 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood. You have the option of paying your parking tickets online or requesting dismissal, via the links below. 

Pay Parking Tickets Online
Pay your ticket online via the NJMCdirect website

Request for Parking Ticket Dismissal
If you would like to Dispute your ticket online please visit the NJMCdirect website. Once you have entered your ticket information, click on Continue. When your ticket information appears it will say Dispute then the site will ask for you to "Create an Account".

Please be advised that once you have submitted your dispute, the Prosecutor will take a look at your case and make an offer, and you have 5 days to respond to the Prosecutor as this is time sensitive. If not completed in the 5 day time frame your case will no longer be eligible for Online Dispute and will receive a new pay-by-date, or call the court to get receive a court date.