Governing Body

South Orange Village's governing body is comprised of an elected Board of Trustees consisting of six elected Trustees and an elected Village President, all seven of whom serve four-year terms without any remuneration. Three Trustees are elected biennially.

The Board of Trustees is the legislative body with the responsibility for setting Village policy through the adoption of Ordinances which become part of the Village Code and the approval of Resolutions authorizing various acts and expenditures.

The Village President is the head of the executive or administrative branch of the Village government. The Village President directs the day to day operations of the Village through the Administration office and various departments.

 Board Professionals:

  • Julie Doran, Village Administrator
  • Peter Travers, Deputy Village Administrator
  • Steve Rother, Village Counsel 
  • Ojetti Davis, Village Clerk 


The Board of Trustees typically meets virtually twice monthly every 2nd and 4th at 7:00 p.m. on Mondays.  When holidays conflict with Monday meeting dates, these meeting generally are rescheduled for the following Wednesday. All meetings are published on our calendar and are open to the public in accordance with the requirements of the “Open Public Meetings Act” (Sunshine Law).

Public Comment:

The Board of Trustees has two (2) public comment periods on their regular meeting agendas. One before regular business and one at the conclusion of the meeting. Residents are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in public comment. The comments are limited to three (3) minutes and the Village President will try to answer and address all the concerns once the public comment section has concluded. We ask all participants to be respectful in their comments as inappropriate and abusive language and or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. 

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