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What is an Ordinance?

An Ordinance is a local law adopted by the legislative body of a municipality.  In South Orange, the Board of Trustees introduces and passes Village ordinances.  The Village President and Village Clerk sign all adopted ordinances, which then become permanent records of the municipality.
The laws of the State of New Jersey promulgate the strict process local governments must follow when enacting an ordinance.

The introduction of a proposed ordinance is also known as the “First Reading.”
The proposed ordinance is a written document that is read, by title only, into the official record at a convened meeting of the Board of Trustees.  While there is no requirement to read the full text of the proposed ordinance into the official record, state law requires the Village Clerk to post a full copy of the introduced ordinance in Village Hall and make it available to the public.  The proposed ordinance is also posted on the Village website.
Once the Board of Trustees has approved the introduction of the proposed ordinance by roll call vote, the Village Clerk is required to publish a legal notice within 10 days in the local newspaper to notify the public the proposed ordinance has been introduced by the governing body with a clear and concise statement setting forth the purpose of the ordinance and the date, time and place when it will be discussed for further consideration by the Board of Trustees and a public hearing will be held.
The Public Hearing and final adoption of an ordinance is also known as the “Second Reading.”
Before an ordinance can be adopted by the Board of Trustees, a Public Hearing is held at the stated date, time and place contained in the legal notice.  The Public Hearing allows all interested parties to comment on the ordinance before the Board of Trustees considers its final adoption and passage.
Only after a Public Hearing is held can the Board of Trustees consider the adoption of an ordinance.  An affirmative vote of the majority of the Board of Trustees present is needed for passage.
Once an ordinance is passed and adopted by the governing body, the Village Clerk is required to publish a second legal notice in the local newspaper notifying the public of the passage of the ordinance.   

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