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Created: March 26, 2010
Updated: September 15, 2010

South Orange Police Focus on Safety

Neighborhood WatchNo matter where you live, safety is always a concern to some degree -- crime happens everywhere. Fortunately, the South Orange Police Department is taking measures to make residents feel more secure in our community, such as:

1) Community Policing: Police officers are developing a stronger connection to residents with the use of Park, Walk, and Ride cars, where a police officer parks his car, gets out, and takes a brief walk around a particular area.

2) Monitoring parks: Unwanted activity after dark is being curbed by police cars strolling through area parks during the evening.

3) Clusters of people obstructing property: Although loitering cannot be enforced, police officers can break up clusters of people obstructing entry into area businesses.

4) Painting curbs: Unnecessary accidents can be avoided on certain curbs that are being painted yellow to clearly mark where parking is not permitted.

5) Contacting Property Owners: Owners are being strongly urged to closely monitor their buildings and/or rental homes to discourage neighborhood disturbances and/or illegal activity. Stiffer penalties have been suggested as an alternate action.

Although these actions will be effective in making everyone feel safer, Police Chief James M. Chelel stresses that it needs to be a collaborative effort. “I think the police, a lot of times, are the last resort. There are a lot of things that can be done beforehand that could maybe help us out, such as working with code enforcement.”

What can you do? Click on the numbered links below!

1) Organize a Neighborhood Watch group

2) Securely protect your Home

3) Don’t make it easy for car thieves

4) Raise streetwise kids

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