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Click here for 2002 Spring/Summer DPW Services bulletinVillage matters relating to streets and sewers, general maintenance and engineering are under the authority of the Department of Public Works. Administration of established policies is the responsibility of the Village Administrator with the assistance of the Village Engineer and the Director of Public Works.

Streets (Back to the top)

The Public Works Department maintains 181 Village streets totalling 46 miles. The department is responsible for street cleaning, snow removal, leaf removal, the painting of traffic lines, the provision of street signs and general maintenance. South Orange Avenue, Irvington Avenue, Wyoming Avenue and Valley Street are county roads and are maintained by Essex County.

Parks Maintenance and Shade Tree (Back to the top)

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of the parks and over 8,000 shade trees throughout the Village. Included in the number of trees are all park trees, those around Village buildings and those that stand between the sidewalks of an individual's property and the curb. Specific responsibilities pertaining to parks and shade tree maintenance include: lawn maintenance; trash collection; sweeping downtown; athletic field maintenance; ice control & snow removal; leaf collection; composting facility; planting of trees; removing of trees and stumps; pruning trees; playground & park maintenance; beautification; equipment/building maintenance; recycling/maintenance of recycling clusters; landscaping; Duck Pond weed control; set up for special events.

Street Lights (Back to the top)

Street lights are maintained by the Public Service Electric and Gas Company under contract.

Sewers (Back to the top)

All sewers of the Village sanitary system are closed. They discharge into main trunks, owned and operated by the Joint Meeting Sewer System which handles sewage from twelve communities. The treatment plant is in Elizabeth. The flow is metered and each community pays its share of the cost.

*Important Notice about Sewers

There have been more than the normal amount of sewer backups throughout the Village during the past year. Many of these backups are caused by misuse of the sewer system. PLEASE:

DON'T flush disposable diapers in the toilet;

DON'T sanitary napkins or tampons in the toilet;

DON'T flush paper towels in the toilet;

DON'T flush coffee grinds or grease down the sink.

DO call the Sewer Division at 378-7741 to check the sewers if you should notice a backup. In some cases, the Village can solve the problem without the need of the home owner calling a plumber.

Refuse Collection (Back to the top)

Garbage and rubbish are collected by private scavengers. South Orange Disposal Company collects most of the residential, business community and municipal garbage. Rates are established by the State Public Utilities Commission.

Water (Back to the top)

The East Orange Water Company operates the Village's water system which receives water from Short Hills, Millburn and Livingston. Village water has been rated as exceptionally good quality.

Reporting Problems Relative to the Above Services:

1) To report roadbed damage (for pothole repair, catch basins, etc.) contact the Dept. of Public Works at 378-7741.

2) For work on or inspection of municipal trees or to report problems with same, contact the Dept. of Public Works at 378-7741.

3) For sewer problems, contact the Dept. of Public Works at 378-7741 during the work day. After hours, weekends and holidays contact the South Orange Police at 378-7772.

4) Clean water questions - leaks, service, billing, etc. should be directed to the East Orange Board of Water Commissioners at 266-5219.

5) To report problems with garbage collection, call South Orange Disposal at 762-3880.


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