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Department of Administration,
Revenue & Finance

Barry R. Lewis, Jr. - Administrator

Chris Battaglia - Chief Financial Officer

Main Phone Number: (973) 378-7715
Cathy Cameron Stan Wilkinson
Administrative Secretary
I.T. Manager
ext. 7719
ext. 7733

Administrator's Office

The Village Administrator supervises the administration of all Village departments, offices and agencies, develops and enforces standards and procedures for the most efficient management of the Village government, coordinates the operation and administration of the various departments, assists in the preparation of the annual budget and maintains a continuing review and analysis of budget operations, work programs and costs of municipal services, develops and administers a sound personnel program, keeps the governing body apprised of present and prospective needs of the Village and makes specific recommendations with respect to long-range planning and capital improvements, issues reports to the governing body on all Village offices, acts as a liaison between the governing body and residents of the Village, takes appropriate action with respect to all complaints and requests for information, ensures that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Village or its residents in any statute, public utility franchise contract are faithfully kept and performed and to call the attention of the governing body to any infringement, thereof, fosters a well-informed citizenry by administering relations between the news media and the Village, maintains general administrative relationships between the Village and federal, state, county and municipal agencies and representatives and provides a channel of communication between the Board of Education and the governing body. The Village Administrator is the Director of the Department of Administration, Revenue and Finance.