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Posted on: January 24, 2020

Calling All Volunteers!

Calling All Volunteers

One of our most valuable resources is the volunteers who take time out of their busy schedules to help make South Orange among the best places to live, work, and visit in New Jersey.

Volunteering in South Orange broadly falls into two categories:

  • South Orange Statutory Boards - Boards strictly governed by State statutes and for which appointments are limited to a finite number of individuals for fixed terms.
  • South Orange Committees, Advisory Groups, and Working Groups - Enabled by South Orange’s governing body, for which appointments typically are made by the Board of Trustees, Village President, or Village President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees.


Zoning Board of Adjustment – The Board of Adjustment consists of seven members and two alternates, each of whom is appointed by the Board of Trustees for a term of: four years for regular members and two years for alternate members. The Board conducts regularly scheduled hearings after public notice and depending upon the classification of relief sought, may approve or deny on application for a variance. The decision of the Board is usually final. However, any party aggrieved by the Board’s action may file an appeal in civil court. Other powers of the Board include hearing and deciding on appeal applications of decisions made by an administrative officer, such as the Zoning Officer; and to interpret the zoning map or zoning ordinance. The Board meets at SOPAC every 1st Tuesday of each month at 7pm. 

3 vacancies – 1 regular member and 2 alternates are needed.

Historic Preservation Commission – The Township of South Orange Village Historic Preservation Commission is composed of South Orange residents who are knowledgeable in building design and construction, and/or architectural history; residents who have a demonstrated interest in or knowledge of South Orange history, as well as others interested in the history and preservation of South Orange. The responsibilities of the Historic Preservation Commission are stated fully in Section 7 of Ordinance #2016-09.  Part of the mission of the South Orange Historic Preservation Commission is to prepare and maintain a survey of historic properties, structures, sites and districts within the township. The Commission is responsible for promoting historic preservation in South Orange, and for advising the Planning Board and Zoning Board with regard to applications for development on properties with designated landmarks or located in historic districts. The Commission also determines whether to issue Certificates of Appropriateness for the demolition, relocation or subdivision of designated buildings/properties and buildings and properties in designated historic districts. The Commission meets at Village Municipal Offices every 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm. 

2 alternates are needed.

Community Relations Committee (CRC)- The Committee represents the residents point of view to the Village.  They are also known for welcoming new residents to South Orange at the Annual Fall Newcomers Day event. There are times, over the years the CRC have been involved in building issues; such as when SOPAC was conceived and built.  Other times they have been concerned with transparency to residents and created the Gaslight Newsletter.  The CRC introduced the Villager of the Month (VOM)  tradition in early 1983.  There are many other issues and events;  whether it was initiating Town Hall meetings or bringing the Immigration Naturalization Ceremony to the Village,  the candle illumination ceremony hosted at the Duck Pond around  Christmas/Hanukkah or  school issues, even to fighting for playing field repairs; i.e. Underhill Field 10 years ago, or fighting for support and recognition for the many volunteer groups who serve the Village.This January, 2020, the CRC helped bring new voting machines to Essex County. These Dominion voting machines are the kind which scan data and create a paper trail, minimizing the chance of our voters’ votes not being tabulated correctly.  This helps prevent the Voter suppression that has corrupted many elections across the country. At  present, the CRC are expanding their membership!  We are looking at new issues that residents bring to the committee, looking to get answers & resolutions such as more communication with community and complete transparency, the property taxes, plus other villager issues such as the building and development planning in our town.The CRC meets every 2nd Tuesday of each month at the South Orange Public Library. 

5-6 members are needed.

Seton Village Committee - The committee to review and address issues relating to the revitalization of the Irvington Avenue corridor. As of January 2020, the committee is still operating as an open meeting and the official committee has not been formed. The Seton Village Committee is looking for eager and committed volunteers to support the Irvington Avenue business and surrounding residents.  The committee meets at Inkosi Café every 2nd Tuesday of each month.  

Community Police Collaborative –The Collaborative purpose is to help find way to nurture the relationship between the community and the South Orange Police Department. The CPC meets every 4th Tuesday of each month at the Skate House. 

7 members and 1 student member between the ages of 16 and 21.

Arts Advisory Committee - The Board of Trustees wishes to enlist the talents of local arts-minded residents to advise the Trustees with respect to means to promote the arts and cultural affairs for the benefit of the community. 

Citizens Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) - The CBAC provides community input to assist the Village Trustees in making revenue and expense projections and setting tax and service priorities.  The Committee advocates for sound fiscal policy by reviewing annual and interim budget submissions, department budgets, and operations. The Committee also makes timely recommendations to both the Finance Committee and Board of Trustees regarding these budgets, and serves as a conduit between Administration and the public.

5 Members needed

Please note that you must be a South Orange resident, business owner or property owner and at least 18 years of age to be considered. (Note: Most statutory boards and some committees are limited to residents.)

If you would like to be considered for appointment to a South Orange board or committee, please complete this Volunteer Application and submit it with your resume, biography, or curriculum vitae

Volunteer Application
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