NJ Transit Information Regarding Amtrak's Penn Station New York Repairs

Amtrak is scheduled to begin repairs at New York Penn Station on July 10, 2017, which will dramatically alter commuting options for our residents on the MidTown Direct train routes.  The Township of South Orange Village is continually working with NJ Transit to minimize the effects of these repairs and ease the burden on our commuting residents.  As detailed in the updates below, there are a number of options available to commuters, including early direct trains (departing prior to 6 a.m.), trains to Hoboken with connections to NYC via the Path or Ferry, and additional direct buses from South Orange to NYC.  Immediately below is a link to the most current information from NJ Transit.  Also below are related documents, including letter from the Village advocating for our residents.

For the latest updates and information visit: NJ Transit - The Update