Infrastructure Upgrades

What we are working on now

In order to smooth this transition and better serve the residents of South Orange the Village is working together with AW, our engineering consultants at HDR Inc. (link to, and the US EPA’s WaterCare program on a variety of projects.
  • New Pumping Station and Pipeline for AW supply
  • System Hydraulic Study
  • Leak Detection Analysis
  • Meter Replacement Study
  • Hydrant Repair Plan

Future Upgrades

The Village’s commitment to improving the quality of water service does not stop with the supplier of water. Over the next few years we plan to upgrade and repair most of the major elements of our long neglected water system.

  • Well 17 Rehabilitation And Carbon Filtration System
  • Stand Pipe Repair
  • Water Sphere Repair
  • Interconnection Upgrades
  • Ongoing System Maintenance To Valves, Hydrants, etc.