Publications & Projects

Green Team Annual Report 2015
A quick summary of what we were up to in 2015. 

We devote enormous amounts of labor, money and pollution to the suburban ritual of removing the leaves and other moisture-retentive organic matter from our lawns, and then replacing it from other sources. Instead, leaves can be mulched in place.
Published November 2008 

Putting Your Garbage to Work
A guide to home composting. Home composting is a sustainable approach to reducing your hauled garbage by separating out organic materials for nature to process. All you need is a bin in your kitchen for temporarily holding organic scraps, and a few square feet of outdoor space to turn organic garbage into compost.
Published April 2013 

South Orange Community Forestry Management Plan
South Orange is dedicated to promoting the existence of a healthy arboricultural environment for the benefit of its citizens and visitors. Published December 2015 

Your Ecological Address – South Orange
You know your street address, but do you know your ecological address? That’s the larger community of life that includes animals, plants, birds, insects, and fish along with the soil, water, and climate that interact to make South Orange a very special place.
Published April 2016