Village Trustee Howard Levison

Howard Levison was elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2007. He has 40 years of professional results-driven experience and is a proven community leader. A long-time South Orange resident, Trustee Levison is one of the founding members of Main Street South Orange and has participated on the Design Development and Economic Development Committees.

Prior to his election to the BOT, Trustee Levison served as the Acting Chair of the Rent Leveling Board, Co-Chair of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC), and Chair of the Energy Policy Committee. He was a member of the Public Information Committee and was also elected in November 2006 to the Joint Study Commission.

Trustee Levison has a B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering/Operations Research from New York University. He has developed solutions and improved efficiency across management, systems, and engineering capacities at large manufacturing, financial, service and health care organizations. He is principal of Facility Management Consultants, a South Orange based firm that advises information technology organizations on ways to effectively, efficiently and reliably evaluate and structure information facilities to support their business requirements.

Trustee Levison currently serves as chair of the Finance Committee and as a member of the Public Safety and Planning and Zoning Committees.