Water & Sewer Information

Sewer Billing
Sewer is an annual bill, and it is usually billed during spring and payable within one month of the billing date. Sewer charges are flat fees based on the number of units for residential properties- e.g. 1 for 1 family home and 2 for a 2 family home and so on.

Other criteria are used for commercial properties such as square footage, number of seats for restaurants etc. Any payment made after the grace period noted on the bill will accrue interest back to the billing date at the rate established for taxes which is 8% on the first $1,500 and 18% on any amount over $1,500.

You may also pay your Sewer bill online at our website. No credit card accepted.

Water Billing
Water is billed by East Orange Water Commission on a quarterly basis. Non payment of water bills may result in interruption of water service.

Bills are due upon receipt. You may pay your water bill in the Tax office or mail to the address included with your bill or online. (There is a fee for using this service, please read instructions carefully)