Budget & Financial Documents

This page contains annual Budgets and other Financial documents for each year listed.  Within the folder for each year, you will find, in most cases, the following documents:  

Annual Budgets: The annual budget sets forth the annual operating expenses and revenues for the current fund and water utility operations, as well as the capital improvement program and budget.  In most cases there is the official long form (State) of the entire budget, as well as a compressed easy to read spreadsheet form of the Current Fund budget.

Annual Financial Statements:  This annual document is filed by February 10th each year to reflect the results of all operations in the preceding year.

Annual Debt Statements:  This annual document is filed by January 31st each year to reflect the outstanding and authorized debt of the Village and the change in the debt condition during the preceding year.

Annual Audits: This annual document is prepared by an independent Accounting Firm and audits the Village's books and accounts of the preceding year and provides and overview of all operations and the state of the Village's finances as of December 31st of the year being audit.

Financial Documents